Let all in love be joined.

Here in our lives, for one moment,
we become what love is.

Let the masculine world go by:
here is the feminine world.
Here we taste what outlives us,
yet has to be created
anew in each of us.

Here we evoke the holy
ones who taught us love.
Be close now to the figure
who inspires in you the great Amen –
guard and cherish hir
in your inmost space
as you would a lover:
and so be touched by the energy
that powers and outloves the orbits of the stars.

We make this arc of blessing
over these two who have
chosen to become one.
So may we build it strong,
and may they always inhabit it
as truly and surely in love
as they are today.

I invoke the risen Christ
in you both, and you all – for ever.


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