The Way Of The Dream

Way of the dream

A film seminar featuring Marie-Louse Von Franz
Author, Jungian analyst /trainer

Pierian Centre, 27 Portland Sq, Bristol, BS2 8SA UK

February 18-20, 2011

For therapists, creative artists and all interested in inner process. Download the flyer

M Von Franz

One of the most remarkable women of the 20C, Marie-Louise von Franz was an 18 year old classicist when she first met the CG Jung, 40 years her senior. Deciding later to pursue analytical psychology she became respected internationally as much for her forensic psychotherapeutic skills as for encyclopædic knowledge of archetypal symbolism. Von Franz, who later founded the CG Jung Institute, conducted extensive research into the psychological significance of alchemy, fairy tales, and made a particular study of the evolution of human consciousness from its tribal roots to the nuclear individualism of the present day.

Towards the end of her long and distinguished career Marie-Louise von Franz filmed a series of discussions on life and the dynamics of the unconscious. Shot in 1985 by Fraser Boa, a Canadian film director and Marion Woodman’s brother, who studied analytical psychology under Marie-Louise von Franz at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich, the films capture her unique wisdom, which Boa intercuts with people on the street recounting dreams. She died in 1998.

The 20 short films in this seminar offer an intensive insight into Jungian perspectives on life, covering aspects of four main experiential topics:

dreaming and its relation to the unconscious • men’s dreams

• women’s dreams • relationships and end of life issues.

*During the week-end, time & space are given for small group enquiry*

Comments by previous delegates:
• It was a most stimulating, interesting and thought-provoking weekend, in very good company – and it all unfolded beautifully, interspersed with convivial refreshment. I'm so glad I came and am still reeling. IS-C
• All the films where intensely interesting and informative … especially as I hadn’t been that aware of the work of Marie-Louise von Franz. MT
• The booklet you produced was very helpful and that I can appreciate why people want to see the films more than once - it was a lot to take in in one weekend but a great introduction. Strangely, at a time when one would expect to have significant dreams - I have had none but no doubt they will come at some point. AW
• I feel that I have got such a lot from it – and something that will last a long time. PS
• A probing, challenging weekend. I enjoyed and was provoked by it - in the very best sense of the word. I very much enjoyed the small break-out group, and found myself amongst a group of deeply thoughtful, congenial, kind and like-minded individuals. Our discussions could easily have gone on for 2 hours instead of 30 minutes, each time. PW

Michael Maxwell Steer Michael Maxwell Steer, organiser of this screening, is one of those whose life was changed by a similar intensive 20 years ago. A composer and writer who was a coordinator of the Big Green Gathering, he is now delighted to make the profound insights in these films available to others.


The films offer:

  • An explanation of meaning in dreams
  • The professional insights of a great therapist
  • A view of the many pathways to individuation and self integration.
  • Understanding of archetypal life patterns
  • Guidance on the necessity of experiencing inner darkness as part of the road towards light.
  • Insight into gender differences.

The seminar is 17:00 Friday 18 – 13:00 Sunday 20 February 2011

• £119 includes seminar materials, Friday evening meal, refreshments. Bring & share lunches.

• Earlybird price £105 if paid in full before Xmas

• Additional couples discount: £10 each

• Central venue with easy parking

• Non-residential, but some food provided

• Places must be pre-booked

• A non-returnable deposit of £25 is required when booking. Balance payable by 1st Feb. Cancelation subject to resale of ticket.

To book: send a non-returnable £25 cheque to
The Pierian Centre, 27 Portland Sq, Bristol BS2 8SA UK.
paypal also available.

Bookings: 0117 925 4512
Enquiries about content: 01747 870070

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