Composition Mentoring

"We are exactly where we have chosen to be –
but we belong where our original nature longs to be."
Vernon Howard

Is your life a clear guided success – or does the chaos of the creative process sometimes overwhelm you?

Here are six simple steps to achieve clarity …
• Uncover your own truth, your core connection with the universe – what really turns you on?
• Be clear about your musical priorities – what really matters to you? – who is your audience?
• ‘Innergy’ is what we synthesise from sunlight & soil – where are your roots? – who is your sun?
• What are your dreams? Allow your inner wisdom full reign.
• List your priorities & goals, then make an action plan for your next step/s.
• Use everything in your personal world, including setbacks & surprises, as your raw material.

You may believe the universe has a purpose, or you may not – whatever your belief-system it will be reflected in your ‘reality pod’ that your subConscious creates around you. Alter your belief system and you alter your reality, and thus the sound-world you choose to create. Becoming a fully-fledged composer /songwriter involves discoveries about your self and your truth/s that give you personal insights into the metaphysics of that ‘reality pod’, how you can influence it and thus how you influence others.

Creative artists have a unique privilege, they are given the right -& indeed duty- of discovering their own authentic voice – and in discovering the “I” of our existence they cannot help also encountering the “not-I”, that ‘otherness’ whose presence they sense as a ‘third ear’, listening to and guiding their endeavours.

Music is the purest form of energy. It is the energy of sound-waves, and before that it is the energy of thought-waves. Thus being in tune is not a mechanical business of accurate pitching – ‘intunity’ is our natural state where we resonate with all creation. ‘Innergy’, our inherent limitless energy, arises when we are in that state.

My function as a mentor is to act as an ‘audio-mirror’, offering responses, engaging in a dialog and sometimes making suggestions that encourage you to think about the feeling-world you are creating, and drawing your attention to whether your chosen sound-world is best calculated to bring it to life. Once clear on these questions, we work together on creative and business issues to define achievable objectives for each stage.

Before anything, you need to be aware that it is your subConscious, not your Conscious mind, that controls the pace of your development. Synchronicity depends on ripeness not time. This is why the dialog with your dreams is one of the sovereign ways in which allow your many levels of Consciousness synchronise – from which our real power flows. That is why, if we are to achieve our true destiny as children of a loving parent, the attunement of our thought and emotion is central to the soundworld /’reality pod’ we create. By forming our musical intentions coherently we achieve maximum communicative power. Which is why Shelley called poets ‘the unacknowledged legislators of the world.’ Co-creating a truthful world is our gift to humanity as well as being essential for our own growth and learning on this planet. The better our abilities at projecting feeling-world, the better our ability to heal, to caress with beauty, create a sense of abundance and build joyful relationships which help others.

 "I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your patience and inspiration.
All credit for your encouragement and ability to find approaches to suit such a diverse group.” D.C.

We could work together in the following ways – by email, by post, by phone, or face to face. The choice is yours. I charge £30 per hour, pro rata. This includes time taken listening and responding. As part of our initial discussions we agree a budget for each stage.

I look forward to making contact with you.

Michael Maxwell Steer - 125 Duck St, Tisbury SP3 6LJ
01747 870070 ~

PS. A Harvard study asked a graduating class if they had clearly defined goals and a plan to achieve them. Only 3% did. 10 years later, that same 3% of the class had created more wealth than the other 97% combined.

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