Educational Initiatives

Teaching /Mentoring /WorkshopsMyself as seen by Pete French

As my pupils see me!

Visit my revolutionary coloured piano method for beginners.

Read an article about this from Wiltshire Life.

Read my Introduction to Piano Teaching.
See my pupils on You Tube
See a videos of two pupils' progress from the ages of 10-18.

Read some rationales of my approach:
Of Geist & Grooves
Concerts not Exams
Acquiring Grace
What Role for Exams in a Post-Gutenberg age?
[p Classical Music 1996]
Growing Music Naturally
[p Resurgence 2008]
What Works … & Why
– thoughts on vernacular vs abstract music [p Piano Professional 2008]

Workshops - The Way Of The Dream

Lyrics for JS Bach's Das Wohltemperierte Clavier (WTC) - Well-tempered Keyboard

Mentoring for Composers & Songwriters

A recent pupils' concert

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