Dream Prayer

Great God within me, whose final form I do not yet know, uphold and lead me to the fullness of this understanding. To see you is to become me.

I love all those who have stood on earth as your witnesses - your sons and dauters who have shown us how greatness of human spirit is divine.

Who I am and who I am not are you. The beacon and the path, darkness and light, joy and danger are alike you. Nothing that is not you, and thus I too am a part of all things and a part of all time.

Once I came from the earth and rose as sap coursing throu a branch: I became a strong leaf trembling in the wind: Soon I am to fall to fall and become a veined outline indistinguishable in the mud. So I return to renew my journey in your unknowable greatness – yet knowing that I am because you are … knowing that within what we all are you exist, not separate, not conjoined.


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