Maxwell Stephens

c.1883 Charles Viret Stephens (1813-1899) neice of Kitty, g/f of Bernard

c.1883 Rachel Stephens, wife of CVS - dates unknown

c.1879. Anna Louisa Kennedy (d.1880) with her grandson Bernard Maxwell Stephens (b.1878)

c.1894. Alan Kennedy, Ellen Louisa (Kennedy) Stephens (1854-1930), Bernard Maxwell Stephens, Grace Stephens (1875-1926)

c.1893. Bernard Maxwell Stephens with his father Thomas S~ & grandfather Charles Viret S~

1919. Bernard Maxwell Stephens & Mary (Anderson Smith) on their wedding day

1952, Oxted: David Smyly holding holding his daughter Clare (g-d of Mary Maxwell Stephens) after her christening. Elizabeth Steer in .

1954. Back: Elsie Marion McLeish (née Edwards), Eileen Smyly holding Fiona Smyly, Grania A-Smith, unknown, Reggie Anderson Smith, unknown, Lorna Edwards. Seated: Veronica Smyly (née M-Stephens) holding Clare Smyly, Elizabeth Steer (née M-Stephens), Mary M-Stephens (née A-Smith) holding Katie Steer, Amy Anderson-Smith (née Bindloss, matriarch of most present). Front: Gabriel, Michael Maxwell and Debbie Steer

1958. Katie Steer, Mary M-Stephens, JB Edwards (husband of Bernard† M~Stephens' sister Grace†), Debbie Steer, Phil - Louise - Joan M-Stephens, Charles Steer, Sarah M-Stephens, Elizabeth Steer

2007. Sarah (Maxwell Stephens) Ward, Sam + Sefa Steer, Louise (Maxwell Stephens) Wallace-Jones

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