Provençal Songs


My friend, night-time makes me relive
Your sleeping arms around me
So when I awake nothing calms
My longing for you.
Sweet and lovely friend, to praise you is beyond me
But I love you from the bottom of a sincere heart
Kiss me whenever you feel like it, and it makes me
Dream of sleeping in your arms again.


Such lovely eyes, flashing and seductive
Full of easy-going laughter
Make me love so fully
It’s a wonder I am still alive.
Her body is a paradise
Which to see is to desire.
But to tell you the truth
I’m so deep in misery
I think I’m going mad.


Beneath the castle at Mortier,
At dawn and sunset
The maidens come out to disport themselves
And the squires to ride
And the knights to watch
And the ladies to take some exercise.
My beautiful Peyrone is there with a companion,
Both drest in fine red silk
Led throu the meadow by great God himself.
I love you, you love me.
May God come and all misdeeds be forgiven
The woods are in flower, the fields green again
May Easter come and the beauties of April
The water-sprites return to the rivers.
My pretty girlie, let us surrender to this madness
Anyone who loves mustn’t forget
That love goes as often as it comes.
I love you, you love me.


I shall love you Roger
And you will give me
A girdle of beaten silver.
Jesus, what shall I do?
I see I’m totally lost.

God, how beautiful the woods are
The nightingales are singing
The redwing, the larks,
The aurioles – all the birds form a choir.

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Vieux cité, Carcassonne

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