Count Omega

BBCr3 Drama 1987
Adapted from the novel by Lord Berners by Mike Steer,
produced by John Theocharis.

featuring Rupert Graves (composer, Emanuel Smith), Annette Badland (Gloria), Jane Wyman (Madame D'Arc), Rachel Gurney, Timothy Bateson (Professor Grumbelius), Irene Prador (Queen Mother) – with Berners own music L'Uomo Dai Baffi as the music of Emanuel Smith, in both orchestral & piano version, performed by Michael Maxwell Steer

L'uomo dai baffi (the bearded man) – performed by The Aquarius Ensemble, conducted by Nicholas Cleobury - 11'13"

Count Omega, part 1 - 27'10"

Count Omega, part 2 - 27'24"

Count Omega, part 3 - 22'27"

Count Omega, part 4 - 21'45"

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