William Beckford

Here is a selection of clips from different live performances.

A CD recorded in 1998 is available which includes 3 items from Arcadian Pastoral (Summer, Ballo, Descent of Belinda), 3 spinet solos (Andante, Ego Dormo, and a piece simply marked 'oboe' – see below) and 2 different settings of O Astra, O Cœlum.

Descent of Belinda from Arcadian Pastoral by William Beckford -
performed by Geraldine Lawley & Maxwell Steer ®1998

Phæton Ouverture by William Beckford -
performed in Bath Guildhall by Bath Baroque ®1997

Two manuscript pieces, one headed 'Oboe' the other '27 June 1789' by William Beckford.
It is noteworthy from Beckford's itinerary that the latter would
appearto have been written in Paris on the eve of the Revolution.
Performed at Handel House, London by Michael Maxwell Steer ®2007

A somewhat mis-informed discussion about William Beckford on BBCr3 Nightwaves ®1998

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