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Michael Maxwell Steer's Personal Recordings

Compositions by Michael Maxwell Steer

  Full Circle w Dylan Thomas: m MMS 1969
  NightSongs w GM Hopkins: m MMS 2001
  Provençal Songs w anon: m MMS 2004
  Sevenesses w Lawrence Sail: m MMS 2005
  Sonnets to Orpheus w MMS after Rilke: m MMS 2005
  Tumulus w/m MMS 1999
  Valentine Songs    


  Beguine Motets w various: m MMS 2015
  3 Dylan Thomas Poems w Dylan Thomas: m MMS 1967/73
See also Video Scrolling Scores



A Private Passion


Unexpectedly Vacant



  Grovely Wood Serafina Steer 2015
  Montana BBC Studio Strings 1972
  Spinther II Frank Perry & Central; Berkshire Wind Qnt 1994

Performances by Michael Maxwell Steer

  Bach CPE Keyboard Quintet 1975
  Bach JS French Suites 1 2 3 4 5 6 1997
  Bolcom The Graceful Ghost  
  Byrd Justorum Animae  
  Falla Harpsichord Concerto  
  Stanford Beati Quorum Via  
See also harpsichord performances, Improvisations, Bach Well-Tempered Clavier (48 Preludes & Fuges)

Incidental Music to Broadcast Programmes

BBC Radio Drama

  Trinity Tales BBCtv 1976

Productions & Adaptations by Michael Maxwell Steer
  A Short Walk from London to Venice (Thomas Coryate)  BBCr3 1988
  The Composer’s Voice BBCr3 1984
  Count Omega (Lord Berners)  BBCr3 1987
  Escape from the Harem (J-F Regnard) BBCr3 1987
  Hearing Voices   1998
  The Music of William Beckford   2013
  Notes From Janàček’s Diary BBCr3 1991
  Songs of Alex Glasgow II   1976
  Zapisnik Zmizeleho  (The Diary of One who Disappeared   1969
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