Analytical Index

Here you can read articles about a range of subjects, broadly related to musical perception.

- Cultural Writing & Journalism -

• The Creative Voice
Consideration of the relationship between the wanted and unwanted aspects of 'voice hearing'
Analecta Husserliana /00 & included as a chapter in Raising Our Voices (Handsell Press)

• See Through Music
In common parlance ‘seeing throu’ something means to lose belief, here it is argued that ‘seeing throu’ music is to begin to understand the relationship of sound to human experience.
Contemporary Music Review, Music & Mysticism issue, Vol14 /99

• Of Geist & Grooves
Article on the supreme importance of enchantment in performance & teaching
Music & Psyche 2 (1/02)

• On the Psychology of Timbral Development in Western Music
Lecture suggesting a psycho-acoustic explanation for the evolution of Western harmonic language, first delivered at Soundscape Music Technology Seminar, UEA 1989
Noisegate 4 (1/97)

• Tuning prior to equal temperament
A practical demonstration including performances of Sweelinck's Chromatic Fantasia in three different tunings. 2009

• Pathways to Magic
Further exploration of the psycho-active role of timbre in the perception of music.
Music & Psyche #1 11/01

• On Acquiring Grace
How do we configure ideas of dexterity & clumsiness? Thoughts about the role of colour in alleviating music-reading difficulties, & its implications for the learning process.
unpublished (1/06)

• What place for exams in a post-Gutenberg Age?
Thoughts on the development of music teaching without exams
Classical Music 5+6/96

• Should Audio be taught as part of Music?
We need to integrate the way people experience music nowadays as consumers with traditional ideas of how we learn to make music
Audio Media 8/96 & Sonic Arts Network 'Agenda' /97

• A Link between Lully & Errol Garner?
Speculation as to how the French word ‘jase’ could link the oral tradition of 'notes inégales' popular in 18thC France with ‘jazz’ as it emerged from New Orleans in the 20thC?

• Interview with Noam Chomsky
CataList 11/93
• How Great Thou Art?
Reflections on the relationship between a word and its consequence
Quaker Quarterly /98

• The Significance and Value of Cults
Provocative thoughts about the fears society projects onto groups who arrive at a 'non-approved' ethical identity.
The Guardian 10/95

- Technical Journalism -

• Digital vs Analog: the options for long form audio editing
An interesting ‘time-slice’ of broadcast history as it appeared live
Audio Media 1/96

• The History of Film Dubbing
Audio Media 11/95

- Wisdom Writing -

• Where I looked – What I found ~ Download as Word file
Autobiographical reflections on the sources of inspiration.
unpublished (2/06)

• Searching for the holy grail ~ Download as Word file
Begun as a tribute to the profound perception of Emma Jung & Marie-Louise von Franz contained in The Grail Legend, this piece explores the relevance of this legend to the present day.
unpublished (3/06)

• The Jungian Octave ~ Download as PDF
An analysis of the overview of the processes of life decoded from the writing of Marie-Louise von Franz.
Talk given at the Big Green Gathering (8/07)

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